Lockdown Blog: Day XX


It might not seem like it, but I have checked a couple of times and it is definitely Easter Sunday. Gone are the egg hunts and family parties, replaced by FaceTime gatherings and solitary chocolate eating. Strange times indeed, but there are still things to celebrate, and celebrate we will.

Before I talk about today, I have some unfinished business from yesterday. I am under strict instructions to tell you all I really really loved Made in Dagenham (I didn’t) and it is better than Hop (it isn’t).

Ok, I’ll admit it was not a bad film and had some inspirational moments. Certainly not the worst film Sarah has ever chosen…

This morning we woke to a selection of eggs from each other. Luckily we had bought our Easter eggs before the lockdown hit, so we have been able to give each other the eggs we wanted, and we now have enough chocolate to last us at least until tomorrow night, if not a couple of days beyond…

While Sarah was out with the dog for his morning walk, I got things ready in the kitchen for lunch. The plan was for a roast dinner, but we had to fit the cooking in between FaceTime calls to first Sarah’s and then my family. Spending a few minutes getting the pans and ingredients out, as well as working out my timings before hand turned out to be a great idea, and as you will see shortly led to a successful meal.

Video call 1 was to the Dawson family. Sarah’s grandma had difficulty getting video to work (I think her phone is too old for conference calling) but otherwise we managed to get everyone on the call and wish each other a happy Easter. If you have not done a multi-call FaceTime before, you might not know that the images grow and shrink depending on who is speaking, so it can get a little hard to follow where everyone is, but it is a useful way to all stay in touch without needed to make multiple calls.

Between calls 1 and 2, the lamb joint was put in the oven and the potatoes peeled and chopped, before we enjoyed twenty minutes in the garden getting what little sun we could. The plants and trees are continuing to blossom, with the pear tree taking the number one spot for most beautiful at the moment. Although the cherry tree is only a day or two away from being in full bloom I am sure.

Video call number two was a little more straightforward, with only three phones involved. My parents spent much of the time showing us all the chocolate they have bought us which we cannot have due to the lockdown. Hopefully restrictions have started to lift by July when much of the eggs best before dates are. Of course we did not just speak about chocolate, we admired Brad and Jonathan’s nearly completed jigsaw, and even had a go at a cheese based quiz which we bought the boys for Christmas.

Back to the kitchen, and with my timings sheet and my prior preparation, I was able to rustle your a passable Easter Sunday lunch. This was my first time attempting roast potatoes, and even though I do say so myself they were delicious. As is becoming a tradition, we have plenty of lamb, potatoes and veg left, so I will have to see what I can rustle up tomorrow for lunch with the leftovers.

After lunch, I needed to rest for a few minutes before heading out on my walk with Darwin. With the weather turning a little, it was noticeable how few people were out and about. For the first time the local area had an apocalyptic feel to it, which was only emphasised when I walked along the road to the train station which is lined with blossoming trees and was otherwise deserted. I am sure the moment the sun makes another appearance the streets will be busier again, but for today they were eerily quiet.

Back home, and the plan this evening is another few chapters of 1Q84, maybe a little TV and some simnel cake once I can face it (I’m thinking around about an hour should do it). Whatever you have been doing today, I hope you have had a safe and relaxing day. This has been a strange Easter for sure, but by staying at home and keeping our distance this year, it might just mean a few more people are alive to celebrate Easter with us again next year.

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