Lockdown Blog: Day XIX

So Hop went down like a tonne of bricks. Despite Sarah laughing along at the gags (‘coup d’etat is French for coup d’etat’) she claims she did not enjoy the film, so I am being subjected to Made in Dagenham as a punishment tonight.

Before we get to that, I should probably tell you about the rest of the day. It was a lazy start, with left over pizza for breakfast and a quick walk for Sarah and the dog. After she got home, Sarah dived into the kitchen and rustled up some delicious Easter nests. I do not think they will last to Easter Day, if they do it will be a bit of a miracle.

Lunch was predominantly chocolate based(!) after which we alternated between sitting outside in the glorious sunshine and cooling off inside reading. For the first time since the lockdown started, I found myself able to fully concentrate on my current book 1Q84, and managed several chapters.

Darwin and I went for a mid afternoon stroll around the local area. Judging by the heady aroma of lighter fuel, charcoal smoke and charred meat, there are quite a few barbecues happening today. For several houses, this was accompanied by the steady thud of loud dancing music ruining what would otherwise be a peaceful walk.

I got to thinking a little bit about nature bathing on my walk. We are lucky to have several publicly accessible green spaces within walking distance of our house to get a dose of nature, something which is being increasingly recognised as a benefit to your mental wellbeing. But even in the most densely built up urban or suburban spaces, you can still find some beautiful sights if you know where to look.

On another positive note, I found another neighbourhood giveaway outside a house on the walk. This time a house was giving away second hand books for people to enjoy. I can’t say the titles were of interest to me, but I am sure someone will take advantage of this lovely gesture.

Dinner this evening was a prawn stir fry followed by an Easter nest. Now as I write this I am enjoying the delights of Made in Dagenham. Ten minutes in and I’m not exactly enamoured, but I will give it a fair hearing. After the film, there is a family Cluedo game to play before bed. Tomorrow will be a strange Easter Day, but a fun one all the same I am sure.

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