Lockdown Blog: Day XVIII

So today is nominally a bank holiday. To celebrate, Sarah and I decided to clean the house from top to bottom. While Sarah took the dog for his morning walk, I vacuumed the entire house, before mopping the kitchen and bathrooms. Once back, Sarah wiped down the kitchen and the bathrooms. I thought it would be challenging to clean with the dog wandering around, but he hates the vacuum so much that he hid in the corner and kept out of our way.

After the fun of cleaning, I spent a little time writing, while Sarah hit the laptop, before we realised the weather was just too nice and went out in the garden to throw the ball around for the dog. I also enjoyed the second fat rascal for an early lunch, which was just as delicious as yesterday.

I decided to take the dog for his second walk while the weather was still nice, but I think it was probably a little too warm for him. His fur is getting far too long for the weather and we will have to think about trimming it ourselves while the groomers remain closed. It was fairly quiet on the walk, with only a few people carrying shopping back from the supermarket. Despite some of the negative reports about people ignoring lockdown, around our house at least people seem to be paying attention.

Back home and we decided to give the dog a brush. He is definitely knotty, and was not happy about being brushed, but looked much better for it.

For dinner, we have once again ordered pizza, it is Friday after all. Unfortunately Dominos has stopped taking preorders for pizza, so we had to judge when to order so that it did not arrive too early, but also arrived at all. We did not quite get it right today, with the pizza arriving at 5. Of course that did not stop us eating a few slices, and we have more for later should we get peckish.

Entertainment this evening is the film Hop which is on ITV2. I have seen the film before and quite enjoyed it, accepting it is a bit silly. Sarah was keen to watch it, until she saw the ratings on Rotten Tomatoes (25%!!) and now she is convinced it is going to be rubbish. I will make sure she watches it though, it is about the closest thing to an Easter film we have to watch.

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