Lockdown Blog: Day XVII

The first day of my holiday started nice and early, as I was up and down to the shops in time for the supermarket opening. It was once again a good strategy, as there were few people in the queue when I arrived and I was able to do all my shopping in relative peace, and socially distant, within the space of half an hour.

One particular treat in the trolley this week was this leg of lamb for our dinner on Easter Sunday. Coupled with some veg and mint sauce I am sure this will provide a little variety in our diet. Of course, there will be the obligatory photos once the joint has been roasted. Unfortunately, I will not be able to share any with you, so you will have to settle for me describing it to you, which is nearly as good…

After putting the shopping away, Sarah took the dog for his first walk of the day while I did a few chores around the kitchen. It is rare when we both take annual leave for us to have nothing planned in the diary, even if it is just a trip to a local green space, so today was set up to be a little unusual.

The potentially monotony was broken by a knock at the door and the delivery of a supply of cakes from Betty’s Tea Rooms. Traditionally Sarah’s extended family go to Betty’s on Good Friday for brunch. Obviously this year that is not possible, so my father-in-law suggested ordering something online for delivery and having a virtual brunch together. Sarah and I have stuck to the sweet options, with fat rascals, fondant fancies and a small simnel cake. I have been semi-restrained, only eating one rascal and one fancy, which constituted lunch today.

This afternoon, I have been working on a couple of short story ideas, one of which I think could be developed into something a little more substantial, while Sarah has been working her way through her current book and the dog has been sleeping.

Out on the afternoon walk with Darwin, I spotted this new addition to the rainbows and teddy bears I have seen over the last week: a full size giraffe! Added to the Easter decorations on the door and this house is definitely winning the decoration game at the moment.

As usual, Darwin was a popular sight on the walk, with several people smiling at him and cooing over him. Obviously, tail was wagging a hundred times a minute, and I am sure he would have loved to go over and say hello. I know parents are struggling to explain to young children the need to keep our distance from others. Trying to explain the same to a dog is another level again.

Another heartwarming sight towards the end of my walk, this house is offering their jigsaw puzzle for free to anyone who would like to do it. They obviously must have completed it, and it is great to see them thinking of others in this difficult time.

We arrived home to find Sarah dancing in the kitchen to the BeeGees. Now she made me promise I would not tell anyone else, so if you could keep it to yourself that would be great… In the end all three of us started dancing along as we burnt off a little steam.

Dinner tonight was due to be sausage and mash, but as we have eaten a fair amount of cake today, we decided to forget the potatoes and just have a sausage sandwich. I had just about finished eating when we had a FaceTime call with my family. Everyone seems to be doing well, except my dad who has managed to hit his wrist with a hammer. Examining for a fracture over a video call is not easy, but I do not think anything is broken (other than his aim obviously)

We were going to watch a film tonight, but Sarah only has a few more chapters on the book to finish, by which time we will probably only have time for an episode or two of Friends. Who knows, I might even have an early night after my slightly earlier than normal start.

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