Lockdown Blog: Day XIII

Woke up still reeling from my victory celebrations last night! After a shaky start getting everyone logged on to the Cluedo app, once we got started it worked quite well, and I won. If I remember correctly it was Professor Plum in the hall with the rope. In total we were playing for around an hour (including technical difficulties) and there has now been talk of online Monopoly. Not sure I want to dedicate that amount of time to a game online, fingers crossed it is soo forgotten.

Back to today and it has been the epitome of a lazy Sunday. I was woken, of course, by the dog coming into the room at about 6:30, but he quickly settled back down to sleep, meaning I could drop back off for an hour of so. Breakfast was eggs on toast, after which I fixed a dripping toilet which Sarah went for her only walk, and Darwin’s first of the day.

Once they were back, we had some time enjoying the sun in the garden. Darwin found, and successfully destroyed, a tennis ball, while Sarah and I had a drink and basked in the sun. I appreciate we are lucky to have a garden so will be making maximum use of it.

Lunch was a cheese sandwich, using up the last of the bread, before I escaped the sun for a while and watched a couple of episodes of The Simpson’s.

By mid-afternoon I was starting to feel really tired. I’m not exactly sure why, as I slept well last night, but a thirty minute nap did me the world of good and gave me a boost for the rest of the day.

When I woke up, it was my turn for a walk, and for Darwin’s second trip of the day. I decided to walk down a path Sarah and I have affectionately called dog-shit alley (no prizes for guessing where the name came from) as at the end of the path there is a large, and usually deserted, field which Darwin can run around in off lead. Just before we reached the field, I found three young girls (maybe 15-16) with their dog apparently having a picnic. I was able to get past them without getting too close, and once in the field they were out of sight, allowing Darwin to have a run which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Once back home, Darwin took up his usually position sleeping on the living room floor while I prepared dinner. Today’s offering was spaghetti bolognese, with a couple of key changes. Firstly I used spirali pasta as we do not have any spaghetti. Secondly I had planned to used the traditional carrots and celery combination for veg, but when I opened the fridge I discovered the carrots had vanished. I think I might have married a rabbit pretending to be a Sarah…

While I was cooking, we discussed what meal we would choose if we could only have the same meal for the rest of our lives. I think spaghetti bolognese would be my choice. Sarah managed to narrow it down to 3 options; steak and ale pie, fish and chips or lasagne. Darwin did not offer a preference, but by the way he was drooling at the mince I have a reasonable idea what he would pick.

Sarah’s family had decided to FaceTime each other this evening. While Cluedo was fun, it did not allow for any kind of chatting, so we called this evening instead. There had been plans for a quiz, but with people dropping in and out of the call, and everyone needing to shout at each other, it was abandoned after only the first question.

This evening the plan is to watch a couple of episodes of Friends and most likely an early night. I need to be up early for work after all…

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