Lockdown Blog: Day XII

Good news: the new shower head works.

Bad news: the pressure is now so high it is like a million little needles piercing me as I stand under it.

I am beginning to wonder how much water has been escaping the wrong way out of the shower head and for how long. The pressure has not been low, but it is nothing compared to the barrage I experienced this morning. Sarah on the other hand was pleased. She is a fan of spas and massages, so for her the new shower pressure is great.

After finishing the remainder of last night’s pizza, I headed to the garden to give it a tidy up. I was able to mow the lawn, weed and turn over the soil in the back garden. It is dry today, but not as warm as people were suggesting it might be, so I came back inside once the jobs were done rather than sitting outside a little as I had planned.

Sarah had been tidying in the house while I was gardening, and once she had finished sorting her office, we set off for our daily walk. It was not too busy, the odd group of people appearing to be doing much the same as we were, and surprisingly few cars.

Our walk took us past Sarah’s parents, as the plan was to pick up Darwin. It was good to see them, even if at a distance, and we were able to safely swap the dog over while keeping at least our 2m distance. On the walk home, Darwin of course wanted to play with every dog he saw on the walk, and when he spotted a field of chickens, his excitement almost overcame him. By the time we made it to our street, he was so excited he nearly dug up the freshly planted bulbs, with Sarah only just getting control of the lead in time.

Back home and he has quickly settled in to his favourite position laying on the rug. He had already been for a walk with my father-in-law this morning before we walked him back to our house, and coupled with the excitement of seeing us again, he is clearly shattered.

The afternoon was spent relaxing, with Sarah on the laptop and myself watching TV. Dinner was soup for myself and pasta for Sarah (we usually fend for ourselves on a Saturday evening, and see no reason why a global pandemic should change that). Darwin woke up in time to sit and beg at my feet while I was cooking. He was placated to a degree with his favourite kibble, but I still had to content with his puppy dog eyes staring at me as I tried to eat.

We had washed the bed sheets today, so as I made the bed, Sarah took the dog onto the grass near the house to run around. inevitably, zoomies ensued, but it seems to have tired him out again, as I write this he is laying in his favourite spot under the TV.

We have a phone call with Sarah’s family this evening. The plan is to try a game of online Cluedo. I like Cluedo when played with the board game set, I am not sure how well it will work remotes on our phones, but we shall give it a go. After this it will probably be an early night, after all we have another busy day of doing nothing to look forward to tomorrow.

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