Lockdown Blog: Day XI

So the second working week of the lockdown is over, and the weekend is here. Friday’s are usually a fairly busy day at work for me. I have a clinic in the morning, followed by whatever work is generated there. I also provide cover for several colleagues who do no work Friday’s, so it only takes an emergency or two for the afternoons to become very busy. By the end of the day, I feel like I have earned my weekend (assuming I am not on call of course).

Today does not feel like the end to a working week, rather simply another day which is merging into all the others. This seemed clear on the team huddle this morning. At the start of the week people seemed generally jovial, today not so much, with people speaking only when they needed to.

After the meeting, I had a few calls to make, before I had to make an unplanned trip out to B&Q. Our shower head has been on the brink for a while now, but it finally gave up the ghost this morning with more water coming out of the join than the actually shower head. I tried fixing it with duct tape, but it had little effect, so ordered a new shower head online. Like most people I am trying to limit my journeys out of the house, so I hope most people will agree needing you have a working shower to stay clean is an important reason to leave home, and with the new shower head working as it should, I think it was justified.

I was impressed with the set up B&Q had for getting products bought online. They are currently only doing click and collect, with the shops shut and home deliveries currently unavailable. They ask that you call fifteen minutes before you arrive at the store so they can get the product ready, and then once you arrive you wait outside as the product is passed to you through the door. The closest I got to the person working within the store was my arm as I reached across the gap to grab the shower head.

I had a few minutes break in the sunshine this lunchtime, giving me an opportunity to add another bird to my spotting list; a lone magpie. Luckily I am not superstitious person. Unfortunately my camera skills have not improved, and this was the best shot I could get.

I also spotted this beautiful flowering plant in the garden which I have somehow missed over the last week or so. Last year I ordered a selection of bedding plants on eBay, receiving I believe ten plants for a very reasonably price in the post. The only catch, you do not know what plants will be supplied. While I am not sure this plants name (any suggestions in the comments please), it has clearly done well and looks ready to grow this year.

The afternoon was spent answering urgent calls which needed to be dealt with before the weekend. There have been some significant events for my patients over the last day or so (one diagnosed with COVID, a second being arrested for assault, a third struggling to maintain social distancing), but little I can directly do at the moment to support them.

As a little boost for the day came in a photo of the dog sent by my father-in-law while they were out on their walk today. The plan this weekend is to (at a distance) swap the dog over to come and stay with us for a few weeks. Normally, Darwin would spend half a week at a time with us, but because of the need to social distance we have dropped this to swapping every few weeks. I cannot deny I am looking forward to having the fluffy bear back with us.

Sarah joined me on the walk today. We decided to go a little further than usual to stretch the legs, and passed the local Morrison’s in the process. There must have been one hundred people waiting to get in. Clearly heading out first thing in the morning is the way to go. With the sun coming out during the walk, it was a delightful time spent out of the house.

Back home and, despite saying we would not do it every week, we ordered Domino’s pizza again. It is Friday after all. Looking at the website, they are having a busy evening, but our order arrived on time and was delicious. Sarah is currently reading now, while I am watching a little Friday night TV. Roll on the weekend when we get to do it all over again…

2 thoughts on “Lockdown Blog: Day XI

  1. I think it’s a type of camelia. If you google you can see all the different varieties and you will spot it. It’s beautiful the leaves are so shiny I made get a cutting love mum xx


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