Lockdown Blog: Day VI

Sunday’s are typically a lazy day in our house. We would usually get up a little later, eat a leisurely breakfast before possibly taking a trip out to a country park or the shops. Given the clocks went forward last night for British Summer Time, meaning an hour less in bed, it was even more likely to be a slow day. In the end, it has not been much different to an average Sunday, except maybe the trip to the shops.

Before I talk more about today though, a need to let you know about Nightcrawler which we did end up watching last night. It was a good film, a little slow to get started, but an interesting concept with some great performances by Jake Gyllenhaal and Riz Ahmed in particular. It is definitely a dark topic though, so if you are looking for something light and fluffy I would probably give this a miss.

Back to this morning, and after breakfast we decided to go for our walk first. It has clearly gotten colder over the weekend than it had been last week, but we did not expect to find ourselves I a hail storm as we walked around. As it happened we were passing a bandstand in the park at the peak of the hail so we sheltered for a couple of minutes before it passed.

Just as a little aside, I paced out the bandstand while I was there, and I think it is between 4-5m in diameter, which means if you are stood in the centre and maintaining social distancing (2m apart), there should not really be anyone else in the bandstand with you! I think people underestimate how far two metres really is, and having a space like the bandstand available to demonstrate the distance really brings home how far away from each other we need to be.

Once back home, Sarah set about baking the biscuits she had planned to make. I helped no end by licking the bowl once the biscuits were on the baking tray, and of course taste testing them for her once they were done… Shame we cannot share them with anyone else at the moment as they are delicious. I will just have to enjoy them for everyone else.

Most of the afternoon was taken up with TV (there seems to have been an increase in the number of Simpson’s episodes on TV this weekend which I for one think is a positive step forward), browsing the internet and a few games of online Cluedo (won 2, lost 1).

Dinner this evening was in the form of a teriyaki prawn stir fry. I’ll admit it, it is a bit of a cheat. Along with prawns, I bought Morrison’s preprepared stir fry veg, fresh noodles and a teriyaki sauce. The foodie purists out there may well be appalled at the idea, but they it is a quick, easy and ultimately tasty way to get a healthy meal with lots of vegetables. And after Sarah and I had our fill, there is plenty left for lunch tomorrow.

This evening the plan is for more relaxing, possibly an episode or two of friends, and then an early night. Busy day at work tomorrow, want to be refreshed ready for the end of the first week in lockdown.

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