Lockdown Blog: Day III

The monotony of being at home has started to drag a little today. I looked at the clock a couple of times and was surprised how early it was, being certain I had been working longer than I had.

After breakfast, I had an early morning Zoom with the whole team. This was the first time we have seen each other together in a week, and although we were just an image on the screen, it was good to see everyone again and give each other a little boost. It was also a useful way to be given updates on the current situation for the team and the trust as a whole, rather than having to scroll through lengthy emails. It appears these meetings are going to be a daily affair. At the moment this sounds like a good idea, but I suspect we might find we run out of things to say after a week or so.

The morning was otherwise taken up with emails and phone calls. So far I have managed to respond to everyone’s difficulties over the phone, but a couple of patients have already told me they are struggling being at home, so I may find myself having to go out on a visit sooner rather than later.

Sarah and I took a mid morning break in the garden, where it seemed hotter than yesterday. I suspect by the weekend the trees and plants will be in full bloom which I am sure will raise the spirits. I have also noticed our garden seems to be collecting balls, a football and tennis ball today, from one of the neighbouring gardens. Unfortunately no one was outside when I was to ask where to throw them back to, if we should be returning them at all, at least not without gloves.

Lunch was a baked potato and cheese, followed by more phone calls and admin this afternoon. We also had two deliveries today of things we order before the lockdown and which have only just arrived today. It was interesting, and encouraging, to see how seriously delivery drivers are taking social distancing. They were half way down the drive before I had chance to even get to the door, with the parcel left at the door for us.

It was a little busier on the walk today, although it appeared it was people taking their daily exercise rather than people flouting the rules. And keeping 2m apart was observed, with one particular jogger thanking us for stepping aside so he could run past at a safe distance.

Back home and it was time to FaceTime my family today, conference calling my parents, brother and his boyfriend. It was great to see them, and they all seemed well. Spirits are high, and it was nice to laugh and talk about things which don’t entirely revolve around COVID. We even discussed parties/holidays once this is all over, and I think having something to look forward to is important.

Dinner was the remaining fish cakes tonight, this time with sweet potato chips. Unfortunately I forgot to get a picture for you, by the time it was cooked I was ravenous.

As I write this I am watching a little TV before an early night. I plan to face the shops first thing tomorrow morning before I start work, so I will be having an early night. Outside, I can hear someone nearby setting off fireworks. Seems a strange thing to do in times like this*, but at the same time we need to keep celebrating where we can. Hopefully they are being launched for someone’s birthday or anniversary, and if it has put a smile on someone’s face, all the better.

(*It has just occurred to me this happened at 8pm, and may well have been in appreciation of my exceptional colleagues on the front line in the NHS. Even more reason to smile!)

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