On the other side

The world seems big and empty and alone, we are told to stay away from others when all we want to do is come together. It seems like things will never be the same again.

But we will meet together again on the other side

Fear and anxiety have replaced happiness and joy. Our thoughts are racing, sleep evades us. Every cough and sneeze is a deadly disease, our lives seem nothing but horror and pain.

But we will laugh again on the other side

Work is all but gone and money may be tight, panic buying has stripped the shelves bare. What once would have been a simple shop has become a battle to put a plate on the table.

Yet we will dine again on the other side

We see nurses and truckers and shop workers and more traipsing to work each morning as we sit at home. They keep us safe and healthy and fed. We see the best in humanity while we experience the worst

And we will praise them louder still on the other side

Because we will make it through this, no matter how it might seem right now. We will come through this together, and life will return. We just need to wait until we have made it through.

See you on the other side.

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