A few words on anxiety

When things are bad it can seem like anxiety is just going to get worse and worse. But anxiety does not and cannot do that. Anxiety always peaks. There is always a crest. And anxiety will subside; either because the thing causing the anxiety goes away, or we work together to find a new normal.

The key to making it through is to find a way to ride out the upstroke, be it speaking with family and friends, finding time for our hobbies and interests, taking a warm bath, lighting a scented candle, counting to ten or even counting sheep. Take time to do what you find relaxing, and remember to tell yourself this will pass, and you will be stronger for it.

When as a society we look back at this time, and we will reach a point where we can look back at what is happening now, the anxieties will not be the thing which is remembered. No, what will be remember are all the little acts of kindness, the friendly smiles, the neighbours helping one another, those risking their health to save others. That will be remembered

Just today, I have seen a young man helping an old women reach things from a supermarket shelf, that will be remembered. A man with his child smiled and wished me a good morning as they passed me in street, that will be remembered. I watched a pair of friends share a joke even as they clearly worried what the future will bring, that will be remembered.

Anxiety might seem all encompassing right now, but it is not, and it will be forgotten soon. It will be a nothing of the past which does not even earn a footnote in the most obscure of textbooks. And you will, I am sure, look back not at the anxiety, but at all those little moments of happiness which you encounter around you. You will remember all those smiling faces, those words of friendship and comfort. You will remember the good in the world, because their remains an abundance all around us.

So in the days and weeks ahead, no matter what we face, look after yourself, look out for each other, be kind whenever you can and wash your hands.

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