Shameless plug time

Some of you following my social media posts will have seen me promote Bard of the Isles early in the year. Bard is an online magazine created by some great authors in Ireland and the UK and is a space to publish some even more amazing short stories. Issue 1 came out in September, and yesterday Issue 2 is out for your delectation.

And this is where the shameless plug comes in, because I have had a short story published, Night Shift. Inspired by my time as a junior doctor on a surgical ward, the story explores some of the trials, and also the excitement, which are experienced by the people who hold your life in their hands.

Want to find out more, then click the link above, or here if you like. As well as my short tale, you can enjoy everything from fantasy tales to horror and ghost stories. And if you like what you read, I’m sure you will, then make sure to share the joy and keep an eye out for Issue 3 soon.

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